Enriching the Lives of Children and their Families Since 1983



We are where your kids are!
Our programs are in all
Bethlehem elementary schools
and our Enrichment Center
in Delmar.



School’s Out, Inc. serves children K through Fifth Grade.
We offer before and after school
programs, vacation care and
summer camp.



Dedicated, highly trained staff.
With a strong emphasis on
character development, our staff
extends learning beyond
the classroom.

  • Eagle - With the weather getting warmer, we will be heading outside both morning and afternoon. Be sure to pack your children with closes toed shoes so they can enjoy the playground. Also, if you would like sunscreen put on your child, please let the staff know and they will help you fill out the correct paperwork. A busy couple weeks ahead. We have some Mother's Day projects we will be working on and various other arts and crafts projects. We are also finishing up our 3 on 3 Basketball League. And at the end of May we are hoping to have the School's Out Olympics started. Enjoy the warm weather and remember to stay hydrated.
  • Enrichment Center (formerly Storefront) - Spring is finally here!! We are getting outside every day and everyone is just loving it. We are playing soccer, capture the flag, and kickball in the field, making comics and necklaces at the picnic tables, and jumping and climbing all over the playground. Mother's Day and Father's Day projects are coming out soon so be on the lookout for their awesomeness. Enjoy the great weather, because we sure will, and have a great May